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    Dow Roars Despite Analyst Fears that Trump's Tariff Rollback Will Backfire thumbnail

    The Dow Jones leaped higher after the US and China appeared to agree to remove tariffs. Goldman Sachs is one of the leaders in the Dow Jones after a massive pop in US Treasury yields. However, analysts at ING are concerned that Trump’s trade war decision could come back to haunt markets. The Dow Jones zoomed as much as 250 points higher on Thursday as the United States and China appeared to agree to roll back tariffs. While the stock market has reveled in this news, concerns remain about whether China will be prepared to offer any further concessions, raising doubts that this is truly the end of trade war troubles for the Dow. Dow Jones Surges as Trade War Fears Recede While all three of the major US stock market indices rallied, the Dow Jones was the top performer. The bellwether index raced 203.71 points or 0.74% higher to 27,696.27. The DJIA had spiked as high as 27,774.67 earlier in the session. A mutual agreement by the US and China to unwind tariffs se
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