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    IT companies power critical services, can’t let all work from home, say CEOs - Economic Times thumbnail

    Mumbai | Bengaluru: CEOs of India’s top two IT services firms took to social media and their websites on Tuesday to explain why some of their employees are still required to attend office amidst a nationwide lockdown to stem the spread of Covid-19.
    Tata Consultancy Services’ Rajesh Gopinathan and Infosys CEO Salil Parekh defended their companies’ move in separate posts, highlighting the need to restrict work-from-home in the case of employees who support critical functions of global clients “We power financial backbones of several countries, support some of the largest health care and pharmacy companies in the world, run technology for governments and public services organisations,” Gopinathan wrote on social networking platform LinkedIn on Tuesday.
    Employees Take to Social Media
    Technology services companies maintain that they are an essential service supporting clients to manage their supply chain, make employee payroll so workers are paid on time and help drug companies bring out new molecules faster.
    “We have specific business continuity plans in place and are taking steps to ensure that we maintain operational readiness, even as we c
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