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    Oracle tells the Supreme Court: "Google has a problem" - ZDNet thumbnail

    Oracle on Wednesday delivered fresh arguments to the Supreme Court in its ongoing dispute with Google over the internet giant’s use of Java APIs to build Android. The high court will finally consider the case on March 24 and deliver a verdict later this year, putting to rest a decade-long legal battle that put billions of dollars on the line, as well as the rules of software development. “Google has a problem,” Oracle argues in its brief. “It committed an egregious act of plagiarism and now needs to rewrite copyright law to justify it. It cannot.” 

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    Oracle first took Google to court in 2010, claiming that Google owed it upwards of $9 billion for using Java API packages without paying copyright licensing fees. Oracle argued Google had infringed Oracle’s copyright by copying into Android the “structure, sequence and organization” of 37 Java APIs. In
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