How to give the Image and Text ads to Google for my business

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    1. Sign in to your AdWords account at
    2. Click the Campaigns tab, and then click the name of the display campaign you want to work on.
    3. On the “+ AD” menu,” click Image ad.
    4. In the “Choose how to create your image ad” dialog, click Upload an ad.
    5. In the “Upload image ad” form, click Select an ad group, search for the ad group you want, and then click that ad group to add it.
    6. Drag images, Flash files, or HTML5 ad files into the gray box or click Browse files.
    7. Enter a display URL and a landing page.
    8. Make sure your image ad follows our image ad policies.
    9. Preview your uploaded ad.
    10. If you want the ad to show on mobile devices, select the Mobile checkbox.
    11. Click Save.
    12. To edit your image ad, find your ad on the “Ads” tab and click the pencil icon next to the ad that you want to edit.
    Change the ad name, display URL, or landing page, and then select whether you want the ad to show on mobile devices.
    13. Click Save.

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    Answered on 2019-06-29.
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