What are all the Investments are available in Market ??

What are all the Investments are available in Market ??

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    Stock markets have witnessed sometimes and many stocks have fallen . It provides an opportunity to investors to buy the stocks at a lower price and may turn out to be better investment option than spending on physical gold.

    Real Estate

    As per a recent development, SEBI has approved REITs (Real Estate Investment Trust) in India. With the advent of REITs, investors who cannot buy expensive real estate can invest small amounts through SIP, just like mutual funds. The capital appreciation earned by REIT gets distributed as dividend to small investors.

    Mutual Funds

    If the goal is to invest for long term then mutual fund is the best alternative as it can give exponential returns. Also investment in mutual funds can be customised as per the risk appetite of the investor such as equity mutual funds for young investors and debt mutual funds for aged investors.

    Answered on 2019-05-24.
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