What are all the Padma shree awards are given to a people or Individual


What are all the Padma shree awards are given to a people or Individual… What are all the sectors are covered

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Art (includes Music, Painting, Sculpture, Photography, Cinema, Theatre etc.)

Social work (includes social service, charitable service, contribution in community projects etc.)

Public Affairs (includes Law, Public Life, Politics etc.)

Science & Engineering (includes Space Engineering, Nuclear Science, Information Technology, Research & Development in Science & its allied subjects etc.)

Trade & Industry (includes Banking, Economic Activities, Management, Promotion of Tourism, Business etc.)

Medicine (includes medical research, distinction/specialization in Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Sidhha, Allopathy, Naturopathy etc.)

Literature & Education (includes Journalism, Teaching, Book composing, Literature, Poetry, Promotion of education, Promotion of literacy, Education Reforms etc.)

Civil Service (includes distinction/excellence in administration etc. by Government Servants)

Sports (includes popular Sports, Athletics, Adventure, Mountaineering, promotion of sports, Yoga etc.)

Others (fields not covered above and may include propagation of Indian Culture, protection of Human Rights, Wild Life protection/conservation etc.)

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