What is the difference between Adwords, Adsense and AD Campaign.

What is the difference between Adwords, Adsense and AD Campaign.

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    It is a trademark of Google – it is the Paid Per Click (PPC) side of their search business and is a very effective way to drive in-bound traffic to a website.

    It is a highly sophisticated business model which includes:

    – Keywords

    – Text ads

    – Display ads

    – Integrated Management systems

    – Detailed Metrics and Analytics

    Managing Adwords campaigns is an Art and Science in and of itself… I know about this new marketing specialty as our firm employs specialists in this area, there are quite a few such specialists. Some of us also use PPC campaigns to augment organic search results as part of integrated marketing very effectively.


    If you want to advertise your site using the Google network here is the answer for you.

    Google provides the famous AdWords platform where you can advertise any product or service you may have. You will need to have a website to showcase the product or service or information. This service is not free so you will have to pay for the advertising.

    The ads you put will be displayed across the world wide web using the Google Adsense platform that millions of publishers use today. Bulk of the add impressions come through google search. Others include third party publishers who have put adsense service form google on their sites and have content related to the keywords you are advertising for. You pay only when someone clicks your ad. There are display and impression ads too that charge you for display only

    Answered on 2019-06-29.
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