What is the revenue model of Social medias

What is the revenue model of Twitter, Whatsapp and Linkedin Facebook Tumblr etc

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    Linked IN

    According to LinkedIn quarterly SEC filings, the professional networking site (now owned by Microsoft) makes money through its talent solutions, marketing solutions and premium subscriptions – in other words, by selling advertising, recruitment services and membership privileges.


    Though WhatsApp financial statements are not public (Facebook does not break down its revenue by company), Forbes estimated total revenue to be $5 billion and the average revenue per user to be $4 by 2020. As of February 2018, WhatsApp had over 1.5 billion users and sees 60 billion messages sent per day, according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg in a Q4 2017 conference call.

    With location sharing data, 60 billion messages sent per day, and access to users entire contact lists, Facebook has access to a ton of personal information – all uploaded and saved on its servers. While Mark Zuckerberg has previously promised that this data wont be used to improve consumer targeting in Facebook ads, it will be unless the user changes the settings to not share information with Facebook.


    Twitter uses promoted tweets, promoted accounts and promoted trends. Twitter also sells promoted tweets to marketers, and these then appear in users Twitter feeds. The company creates tailored advertising opportunities by using an algorithm to make sure promoted tweets make it into the right users timelines. Promoted accounts are those paid for by an advertiser that Twitter places in targeted users “Who to Follow” list.

    Twitter makes additional money through data licensing

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