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    Vietnam Bars Asiana Airlines Flight From Landing In Hanoi - Simple Flying thumbnail

    byChris LohMarch 1, 2020One comment2 minute readOn 29 February, Asiana Airlines flight OZ729 was banned from landing at its destination in Hanoi. However, news of the restriction only came 20 minutes after the aircraft had taken off from Seoul Incheon International Airport. This forced the aircraft to turn around and return to its origin. There has been no official reason given but it is more than likely the decision was made because of the coronavirus outbreak.The aircraft returned to Seoul just 20 minutes after it took off from Incheon airport. Photo: byeangel via Flickr20 minutes into the flightFlight OZ729 departed Seoul Incheon international airport on schedule at 10:10 on Saturday, destined for Hanoi, Vietnam. However, at 10:30, Asiana and its crew were notified that Vietnamese authorities had barred the flight from landing at its destination.The flight was given the option to land at Van Don airport. Photo: Google MapsAc
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